Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

National Ignition Facility

Laser & Target Area Building

Livermore, California



This 275,000-SF facility, which is used to perform laser fusion experiments, consists of two main structures.

The Laser Building has two main laser bays that provide a clean environment with thermal and vibrational stability to house and support the components of the laser system. The laser bays are each 450 feet long by 104 feet wide with 50-foot ceilings. There is a 10-ton bridge crane over each bay. The floor area is vibration isolated by use of a monolithic, reinforced-concrete mat foundation. Operations support and energy storage areas are also housed in the Laser Building.

The Target Area Building provides thermal and vibrational stability to the optical switchyards and the target chamber. The Target Area Building includes a 100-foot high by 100-foot diameter cylindrical target chamber area. For radiation protection the walls enclosing the target chamber area are 6 feet thick concrete and the ceiling has a minimum concrete thickness of 4 feet. Portions of the target area contain a clean room environment. The HVAC and recovery systems are designed to provide confinement of activated material after a fusion experiment. 

AC Martin provided project engineering, architectural, and structural engineering services for the project.